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AFMC (Algerian Facilities Management Company)
Safety & HSE: The Choice of Performance

Safety and Reliability are the Hallmarks of AFMC’s Activities

AFMC (Algerian Facilities Management Company) is led by industrial safety and security professionals who put their know-how at the customers’ disposal. Qualified and experienced professionals assess risks and act synergistically with other departments of the Group. The staff comes from approved companies working in the areas of industrial safety and security.

In addition to prevention, AFMC assesses risks. It complies with the standards of operational procedures and brings about effective solutions.

AFMC’s operational approach is based first and foremost on prevention. It can roll out specific disaster relief plans adapted to the needs of its customers and partners.

AFMC provides its customers with a standardized dashboard. It relieves them of security concerns, ensures appropriate links, and creates a positive environment.
AFMC ensures the safety of fixed and mobile bases throughout the national territory